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This is the documentation pages for my awesome kubernetes cluster :) After being burnt way too many times from hardware failures, operating system botched updates (and some times just plain boredom of maintaining services) I was looking for an easy way of creating/maintaining/extending/deleting services.

Kubernetes allows me to :

  • to abstract my services from the hardware (so in case of a hardware failure, I can just restart them on another computer without too much effort)
  • since the services are not dependent on the hardware, hopefully they will be much more reliable and much more scalable.
  • document through code the requirements of each service and not having to write way too many ugly README files
  • play with a new technology
  • to have a safe sandbox to test new tools, without influencing the existing deployed services

Who is this for?

For the strong of heart that are looking for new ideas. It is not meant as guide, but more as a starting step. I will not be providing any support, but any bugs/questions you are welcome to create an issue at github (and if I have time I will answer them, but no promises). Think of it as a collection of guides for creating your own cluster and running your self-hosted services. I post them so if I ever have to start again from the begging, I will not have to do it completely from start from the beggining.

Another place that has some similar instructions is the cookbook from Funky Penguin and the rpi4cluster.